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Perhaps because you're an artist yourself, I find it easy to talk to you. I don't need to explain terminology like 'limited edition', for example, or how the art world works”


- Michelle Baharier, Visual Artist

I have already received a contact from the website, which is becoming a full blown opportunity. So I can't thank you enough”


- by Kaori Homma, Visual Artist

THE Digibees Studio solution


We pride ourselves on striking the right balance between creativity and functionality, designing art portfolio website that are visually appealing yet user-friendly and intuitive to navigate.


Our experienced designers understand the nuances of visual representation specific to artists and creatives. They can create website designs that complement the artist's work, while ensuring a cohesive and professional look for your art portfolio.


We start by working closely with our artists to develop a content strategy that effectively showcases their work, organising it in a way that highlights their creativity while making their websites easy for visitors to navigate.


Marketing and Branding for Artists: Web can assist you in developing a strong online presence by incorporating effective marketing and branding strategies into the website design. This may include optimising the website for search engines, integrating social media, and creating compelling content to engage visitors.


Maintenance and Support: After the website is launched, we can offer you ongoing maintenance and support to ensure that the website remains up-to-date, secure, and optimised for performance. This includes regular updates, backups, and technical support as needed.

Your art Portfolio WEBSITE



Designing artist portfolio websites presents a number of unique challenges: 


Visual Presentation: Artists often have a unique visual style, and translating it into a digital format, while ensuring that the website design complements the artwork without overshadowing it is crucial.


Balancing Creativity and Functionality: An art portfolio website needs to be visually appealing and reflect the artist's creativity, but it also needs to be functional and user-friendly. Finding the right balance between creativity and usability can be tricky.


Content Organisation: Artists typically have a diverse body of work spanning different mediums, styles, and themes. Organising this content in a coherent and user-friendly manner while showcasing the artist's versatility can be challenging.


Responsive Design: With the increasing use of mobile devices, it is essential for a portfolio website to be responsive and display correctly across various screen sizes. Ensuring that the website looks good and functions well on both desktop and mobile devices adds another layer of complexity.


Technical Skills: While artists are creative, many artists may lack the technical skills required to design and develop a website from scratch. While there are website builders and platforms available, mastering them to achieve the desired look and functionality can still be daunting.


Updating and Maintenance: Once the website is live, artists need to regularly update it with new work, exhibitions, and other relevant information. Keeping the website fresh and engaging requires ongoing effort and time commitment.


Marketing and Branding: As an artist you are the face of your brand. Building a successful online presence requires more than just creating a website; it also involves marketing and branding efforts to attract visitors and potential clients. Artists may struggle with effectively promoting their work and establishing a cohesive brand identity online.

Custom Website

Let us Create a bespoke website for your art business


As a web design agency specialised in developing art portfolio websites, we can provide the expertise, creativity, and support needed to design a bespoke website for artists from scratch.


Your site can include anything, from advanced e-commerce to a community platform and/or a course platform.

Done with you

Many artists want to created their own website but lack the technical skills required to design and develop a website from scratch


While there are website builders and platforms available, mastering them to achieve the desired look and functionality can still be daunting.


Choose our Done with Your Service for hands on support every step of the way.


With this package you will also learn how to update your website as we are creating it together.


This package allows for additional flexibility in terms of both design and functionality, when compared to just modifying a template website.

Learn How to Build 

your portfolio

Join OUR Creations Atelier Academy


You will receive access to one of our optimised art portfolio templates


Then you will follow our easy Step by Step Tutorials to create your website, integrate e-commerce and start a blog.

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Artists we have worked with


Paola Minekov


Michelle Baharier


Kaori Homma


Ivan Minekov


Glass by Dil

We created Michelle's art portfolio and online shop and provide ongoing 'online presence' support, including video creation and editing, designing a monthly newsletter, image editing and social media support.

Visual Artist and Disability activist,

South London

Michelle Baharier

I worked with Paola Minekov when she ran and designed the SLWA website a few years ago. I highly recommend her as a web designer!”


- Julie Bennet, artist and designer.

When Kaori came to us, she had a very clear vision of what she wanted her website to look like. Based on her brief, we created two example layouts for her to chose from.


Once the website was complete and live, we provided Kaori with a training session to teach her how to work update her site.

more about KAORI & how we worked together

Kaori Homma

examples of artist portfolio websites

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