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We create beautiful, easy to use websites for small businesses, entrepreneurs, public figures and creatives.


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Custom web development and web design

Custom web development is defined by the working relationship between you and a web developer. Us.


Together, we'll identify your business needs and provide every last detail. Together, we'll come up with a solution. Together, we'll test it.


This way of working is suited to projects that have unique requirements, which aren’t yet met by off-the-shelf software, and that will require significant customisation and integration.


We'll help you explore and build the right website for you.


Let's get started!

Your vision. Your team. Your goals.

Go custom!

Edit and update your site


Your website is the hub of your digital presence. It’s the place people go to when they want to learn more about you, come to trust your brand, and take action. Keeping it up to date is a must... and a breeze with our fully visual online builder!

Edit, update and design website



Blog functionality is included in your website as standard. Blogging is one of the best ways to build authority on the internet. It is also an excellent tool for SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Blogs allow you to communicate your services, products, and industry news in style.

Start blogging and improve your SEO

Colour matching


We'll provide you with pre-designed colour palettes to use with your website, social media and print material.


Join the web design hub to access our resources library.


Build and design a website in a week

Imagine being able to create & have a fully functioning website in just a few days!


We have developed a unique system of building web pages, based on YOUR needs, and your industry. We'll build you a fully functional website, that you'll be able to edit and update yourself!


1. Pick one of our beautiful website templates.

2. Answer a few questions.

3. We handle the rest.


No technical skills needed. No web design experience required.


Just pick a template you love, answer a few questions,

and you're done!

Website in a Week?

Explore the possibilities...

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Select between our standard, and premium web design plans or get an e-commerce website

Choose your plan


Buy a premium plan to get started quickly

Our websites are fully responsive and work on desktop computers, tablets and mobile phones

Get your own fully responsive website


Works on desktops, laptops, tablets and cell phones. All screen sizes and resolutions.

Customise, edit and design your website

Add and edit your content


Simply add your content to create a modern, clear website for business or personal use.

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Design and Build and easy to use online shop, Digibees e-commerce websites

Building a website can be dope.  

But an online shop? That’s a whole other beast... Yet, the demand for e-commerce is exploding.


You need a mobile first e-commerce website that works in all browsers, offers easy integration of payment processing, loads fast, and is dead easy to use.. ah, and it meets your budget requirements - all of which, unfortunately, most e-commerce platforms can’t deliver. Fear not! We have a solution.


If you’re in the need for a clever, easy-to-use e-commerce website, then you’ve found the one.


Intoducing Digibees Online Shops.


No technical skills needed. No web design experience required.


Just pick a template you love, answer a few questions,

and upload your products!

Take them SHOPPING!

You can start selling online today...

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Grow your business
with our Professional Business, Portfolio and E-Commerce Websites

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