26 January 2023

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Before my web design internship, I graduated university with a degree in Animation and have also been doing illustration for quite a while. I have always wanted to create my own portfolio, where all my different creative work is organized and presented and now I got the chance. 


As I mentioned in my previous article(link) at the start of my internship, I am not a minimalist by any chance, but creating clean cut designs was very important for my development as a designer. So, for my own website I wanted to meet myself in the middle. I chose quite an unusual, asymmetric design with bright red and pink contrasting colors

However, I still kept in mind that I need the focus to be on my art. And it resulted in a very nice flowing design that really suits my art and my style. 


We have the big bold font and the bright colors to tie everything together. With these projects, as everything was so asymmetrical, the biggest challenge was to carry through the design from the desktop version to the mobile versions and still be able to keep that same feeling of it.

So, I definitely had to spend more time on that and really pay special attention to each mobile version, so it still looks beautiful and cohesive. 


And that is one thing about WebWave: it allows you to fully customize the mobile versions, so you have the chance to create gorgeous websites, which look engaging and functional no matter where you access them from. 

This project definitely helped me feel more free in my exploration of the different assets WebWave has to offer. I got to work a lot with the video feature to be able to showcase my animations seamlessly. 


Overall, this was my fourth project with Digibees and I can definitely see the progress within myself. It helped me get more loose in exploring different designs and different features to be able to create websites that really suit their owners - just like I did with mine.


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