16 February 2023

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the digibees website

Our website was created by Paola Minekov quite quickly at the beginning of the business, but as we started shaping up we needed a new one, so she gave me the task of creating it. 

The new Digibees website(link)  is bright, bold and straight to the point.


I was quite inspired by the new web design trends for 2023, specifically the big bold fonts, eye-catching headings and color blocking. I did not want to use too many colors - so we opted for a simple bee inspired color palette - yellow, white and black, which perfectly suited our cheeky bee logo.


As the main page for our services was created, the next task was to showcase our work in a beautiful portfolio page. We chose to create a blog feed for it, so we can easily add new projects and they will automatically appear on the Portfolio page. This way each project has its own dedicated short article, describing the client, the work and a link to the website.


Our job is mainly web design, however, we do offer branding, logo design and printing services. With some of our projects for our clients, I got the chance to also create logo designs for them. 

This has helped even further expand my skills with graphic design and dive into the world of branding and the importance of it for the success of a business.


Lastly, the most important part is functionality and interactivity. So, in our website we don’t have unnecessary fluff, you can easily find our work, what we offer and how you can contact us. Best way to do that is to add “Call to action” buttons which can easily direct the customer to where they need to go.


Overall, the design is done, but there is still a lot more work to be done. I am now taking SEO courses to help me understand optimisations and how to use them in my designs. So, as I learn I am going to be implementing that knowledge into the Digibees website. Again, I will be using it as a starting point where I can experiment and see what works and doesn’t, so I can offer the best SEO services to our clients. But more on SEO in the next article.


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