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Using Storipress as a content management system

About Elysium magazine and its content publishing workflow

The Elysium platform has given me an alternative outlet for my own creative musings and to share my own experiences with a new audience. It is easy to use and the template options allow for quotes, images and headings to be added easily, making publishing articles effortless.”


- by Soulla Christodoulou, Author, Elysium Magazine

Using Storipress as
a content management system


What technical solution did Elysium use before moving to Storipress?


Previously, Elysium utilised WordPress for its website management, a traditional CMS that allows significant flexibility in how you use content and manage your site, demonstrating how a CMS allows for versatile use of website’s content. However, the platform posed usability issues for the authors, requiring additional software for content planning and scheduling.


Of course, WordPress also required multiple plug-ins for important features like SEO and security, making managing Elysium's website a prolonged and costly process, requiring additional and ongoing technical support. In addition, some of their authors found it intimidating and opted to send their content via email, Word documents or Google Docs, further complicating the document management and all-around publication process of Elysium. This made their experience slow and cumbersome causing delays in the content creation and distribution.


What problems with the content workflow did Elysium have?


Elysium magazine faced challenges in efficiently managing its web content creation process. Coordinating with multiple authors, organising submissions, and scheduling articles for publication were time-consuming tasks that hindered workflow efficiency in managing digital content.


Their main problems in organising and managing the process of content creation were related to the authors, as we've already mentioned. Content writers typically used to submit their articles in various formats and this decentralised approach led to difficulties in tracking and managing submissions, resulting in inefficiencies in the content creation process. Also, prior to adopting Storipress, the Elysium team had to manually post each submitted articles on the website, adding to the workload and the need to use external software to plan, manage and schedule the content.


Adopting a CMS like Storipress, which includes workflow management could streamline these operations, offering the benefits of a built in publication process flow in the content management system, thus enhancing efficiency and collaboration. 

How Elysium MAGAZINE transformed its publishing workflow management with - a CMS made for the publishing industry



Our client Elysium Magazine, for which we applied Storipress as a successful CMS solution, is an empowering, inclusive and inspiring online magazine that explores various facets of culture, art, business and lifestyle.


Elysium aims to empower creative women and female entrepreneurs while providing valuable insights and resources for personal and professional growth. With a focus on delivering high-quality content, the magazine supports women in pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams and finding inspiration and guidance for creative projects, a balanced life, and a healthy lifestyle. To provide captivating high-quality content that is not only interesting but thought-provoking as well, Elysium needed a cloud-based content management system which provides workflow management that allows for seamless collaboration between the publication and its authors throughout the planning and review process of all articles. That's why we, at Digibees Studio, chose to trust Storipress as the ideal solution for Elysium, so they can manage content seamlessly through their efficient CMS application!


In this case study we will walk you through our path of considering and choosing the right digital publishing workflows for Elysium Magazine:


  • problems Elysium magazine had with their previous CMS;
  • organisation of the working process with their authors;
  • implementation of Storipress and transition from WordPress to the new CMS platform;
  • Elysium's results and benefits of using Storipress so far.


For a better insight into Elysium's content and articles, you can visit Elysium magazine here.

Digibees Studio found Storipress to be a comprehensive solution for its client's content management needs. The platform's user-friendly intuitive interface and integrated features appealed to the magazine's requirements for a streamlined workflow.

did we find Storipress to be an effective content management solution?

Why did we choose Storipress?


Digibees Studio opted for Storipress due to its cost-effectiveness and intuitive interface, which simplified the content creation process for the authors of Elysium.


This demonstrated the benefits of an industry specific content management system in content delivery.


Most of the authors of Elysium are not very techie; however, they found Storipress very easy to use, which was the main selling point, especially when needing to create content without much technical knowledge.


  1. For the average creative writer, the user-friendliness of the Storipress content management application interface is a crucial benefit.
  2. For the online publication, collaborating with multiple authors is time-consuming and labour-intensive. Using a CMS like Storipress has made it a breeze.

Unlike WordPress, Storipress offered an all-in-one solution that eliminated the need for additional software and technical support, making it easier to publish content and reducing the cost of supporting the website.

Using Storipress as a content management system

How Storipress was implemented and how Elysium uses it


Transitioning Elysium Magazine's website from WordPress to Storipress was seamless. The platform's built-in content importer facilitated the migration of existing content, while the intuitive Storipress builder simplified the website's template design management, showcasing how CMS systems can significantly modify content. The majority of the online magazine's authors now create and submit articles directly through Storipress, streamlining collaboration and reducing manual tasks, making it easier to publish content.

This effective use of CMS software tailored for the publishing industry has revolutionised the magazine's content management strategy.


Inspired by the publishing world, Storipress uses a "desk" feature with a Kanban-style board, which definitely helps keeping the content well-organised and categorised. 

Since adopting Storipress, Elysium has experienced significant improvements in workflow efficiency and cost savings in managing and publishing digital content. The platform's interface has empowered authors to create and manage digital content effortlessly, resulting in a more streamlined publication process. By utilising the built-in Storipress builder, Elysium has also eliminated the need for ongoing technical support, further reducing operational overhead. The platform features an SEO editor offering an all-in-one solution for our content creation and optimisation needs.

Results and benefits of using Storipress as a content management system for magazines and publications

Final thoughts about Storipress


Adopting Storipress as main content management system for our client Elysium magazine, it benefited from an enhanced digital experience, seamless content management, and improved web page design flexibility. These major improvements cause their time better spent on creating new content and reaching their audience, enhancing the overall content delivery strategy of the magazine.

"Storipress has revolutionized our content creation process, allowing us to focus more on delivering captivating content to our readers. The seamless transition and intuitive interface have made Storipress an invaluable tool for Elysium magazine."


- Elysium Magazine

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What is Storipress?


Storipress is an all-in-one content management system for building and managing digital content and publication process. Being a no-code website builder software Storipress combines the activities of content creation, content planning, content publication and growth making the entire flow seamless and efficient. 


What functionalities and tools does Storipress provide for content management?


Storipress offers different content strategy functionalities to ensure that your website digital content has proper:

  • audience targeting;

  • content scheduling;

  • analytics integration;

  • SEO optimisation. 

With these tools, users reach their full potential of creating and implementing effective content strategies for their websites and content.


How is the content creation process being organised with Storipress?


Storipress has gained the glory of a user-friendly, easy-to-use, effective and very well-organised content management platform. Inspired probably by the publishing and news world, Storipress provides the so-called “desk” feature with a Kanban-style board, an innovative content management solution that aids in organizing and prioritizing use content creation processes. This way of visualising helps significantly to catch a glance at everything at once and have well-organised and categorised articles thus allowing users to track the production process with no effort.


What are the monetisation options Storipress provides?


If you decide to monetise the engagement of the audience with your content, Storipress provides options like:

  • paywalls: exclusive content on your website that is available after the user pays a subscription;

  • direct-sold advertising: through sales that occur between the brand and the end-user without a distributor; 

  • email newsletters: allowing users to subscribe to your regular email newsletters after paying for this service.

What possible integrations with other content management platforms, social media and apps Storipress provides?


Storipress can be connected with thousands of the most popular apps, so you can automate your work and save time for what matters most - creating new compelling content and reaching your target audience. Some of the most popular and useful integrations are with other content management platforms, e-commerce platforms, social media, etc.

  • Social media integrations: allow you to easily auto-distribute your content to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest and others thus saving you time and expanding your content reach and visibility among the audience;

  • Content management and e-commerce platform integrations: here many options are available for integrating with Storipress like WordPress, Shopify, Webflow, etc. It’s possible to use WordPress as a front-end part of your website thus benefiting from the additional options of the platform and Storipress for the backend part and workflow, exemplifying how to use content management systems for streamlined operations. Additional AI add-on makes scanning of user’s path in your Shopify store thus allowing you to have your customer’s journey and better target these customers. The options are endless and most importantly - transition from one platform to another and integrations between different apps are very easy.


Why should you consider choosing Storipress as a content management solution?


Storipress is mainly created as a modern way of publishing and designed for a huge range of publications. Whether your business is related to news websites, online magazines or blogs, Storipress has all the needed features and flexibility to be customised according to your specific needs. Storipress is an intuitive tool that not only helps you create engaging content but also optimises it and distributes it across all channels making your brand highly recognisable.

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